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Lush talk to Cosey Fanni Tutti about her garden out in rural Norfolk. At Leisure is a series of films produced by Luke Turner, writer and co-founder of The Quietus music website and filmmaker Ethan Reid, in which they explore the hobbies and interests of cult artists, and examine the connections between those activities and their work.



24 AUG - Sea Change Festival, Totnes, UK
22 JULY - Deer Shed Festival 9, North Yorkshire. UK
24 JUNE - Hebden Bridge Arts Festival. UK - SOLD OUT!
06 JUNE - Frac île-de-france gallery, Paris, France - SOLD OUT!
06 MAY - Vinyl Festival - Dublin, Ireland
03 MAY - Chinwag - Leeds International Festival, UK - SOLD OUT!
19 APRIL - Walthamstow Rock 'n' Roll Book Club. London. UK - SOLD OUT!
07 APRIL - Laugharne Music & Literary Festival, Wales. UK
19 MARCH - Paperback launch. Faber Social, London. UK - SOLD OUT!
13 MARCH - Collusion Seminar: The Cross Space. Cambridge. UK
14 JANUARY - In Conversation - Out To Lunch Festival, Belfast, Ireland. SOLD OUT!.


24th June
Trades Club, Hebden Bridge Arts Festival. UK
Time: 7:30 pm


Art Sex Music (with a bit of Hull Time Based Arts) “an excellent insight into the workings of a seminal art collective and band”
Record Collector 4 Stars ★★★★ - “a frequently jaw-dropping rollercoaster tale, Cosey pulls few punches”
The Wire - “Tutti's commitment to individualism precludes any wider political perspective on the industrial culture she helped to instigate, but this fierce adherence to herself… has taken her closer to the action than most”
The Guardian “Cosey Fanni Tutti… elder stateswoman of the avant garde” Book of the day.
Sunday Times - “Art Sex Music is an inspiring document of just how far, and far out, she has travelled”
MTV News - “this memoir is a rigorous extension of Tutti’s art-as-life philosophy in its most accessible form.”
i-D Magazine“ - Cosey Fanni Tutti… cultural iconoclast”
New Internationalist “Tutti’s chance to right wrongs and she does this beautifully, intimately and without vindictiveness. 5 Stars ★★★★★
Sunday Telegraph 4 Stars ★★★★ - “Entirely gripping… direct and funny”
The Spinoff “I loved this book. It’s my favourite non-fiction book of 2017”
Dangerous Minds - “Easily my favourite book of 2017 so far”
PopMatters - “a powerful & poignant indictment of the virulence of patriarchal misogyny writ large”
Drowned In Sound - “A fascinating document… her book exposes in great detail, a journey that has been all but straightforward”
Times Literary Supplement - “Her autobiography makes clear that Cosey Fanni Tutti didn’t turn; the world came around.”
Uncut 8/10 - “A fearless and frequently eye-popping account of her life”
Radio NZ (radio/audio review) - “Cosey is a fantastic writer”
New Statesman - “unquestionably Cosey’s story, however radical and riotous a read it may be”
Louder Than War 9/10 - “Art Sex Music is an essential read… Fearless, powerful, humorous, warm and intelligent…”
Savage magazine - “Unapologetically candid”
Mojo - “An unfussy narrative that's rich in everyday observation, a style that reflects the blunt honesty that was a hallmark of Throbbing Gristle's life-as-art aesthetic”
The Afterword - “a fascinating account of an under-documented scene”
Freq Magazine - “you don’t get any sense of bitterness about the things that have gone awry, just a sense of wonder related to the things that have gone right. That kind of positivity, in these awful times, is exactly what we need.”
Clash Music (scroll to bottom) - “A blunt, rude, and often laugh out loud funny book, Art Sex Music leaves an unforgettable impact.”

The Cosey Hours - Meri St. Mary interviews Cosey Fanni Tutti with Monte Cazazza. KVMR (audio)
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with Renate Bertlemann, Marilyn Minter, Penny Slinger and Alison M. Gingeras - frieze.com (audio)
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Industrial Anti-Oppression - Chatty review of Cosey Fanni Tutti's new memoir
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Cosey Fanni Tutti : porno, indus et transgression | TRACKS - ARTE

Avec un nom en clin d’oeil à l'opéra le plus olé-olé de Mozart, Cosey est pionnière de la musique industrielle avec le groupe Throbbing Gristle, tourne dans des films X et envoie valser les valeurs à papa.


Cosey Fanni Tutti presents a raw and emotional playlist.
Including music from Mika Vainio, Coil and Andy Stott.
Meri St. Mary host of the Underground Sound interviews Cosey Fanni Tutti with Monte Cazazza. 29 Nov 2017

‘art sex music’ her new 2017 book is talked about and lots more, this is an episode not to miss!

Listen or download for free at KVMR
Start making Sense with…
Jehnny Beth
sits down with one of the most thought provoking, controversial and inspiring artists of her generation, Cosey Fanni Tutti. Listen in for an enlightening conversation and playlist on Start Making Sense.

Listen live for free at apple.co/beats1
or On Demand with an
Apple Music subscription