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The following bibliography is only a selection of the numerous publications on, or featuring Cosey Fanni Tutti's work.

Since 2017 there have been just too many reviews and articles to keep up with and to list here, but we will update this page as and when we can.
If you have published something about Cosey or her work and it is not listed here
please contact us.
  • Re-sisters: The Lives and Recordings of Delia Derbyshire, Margery Kempe & Cosey Fanni Tutti
  • Cosey’s second book to be published by Faber & Faber 18th Aug | LINK |
  • Pandemic…

  • Pandemic…

  • 1/2 page news item and photo - Manchester Evening News.
  • June - Penelope Trappes - Carry Me (Cosey Fanni Tutti Rework/Remix) | LINK |
  • Cosey Fanni Tutti autobiography - ART SEX MUSIC - French Edition - Publication date TBC
  • Cosey Fanni Tutti autobiography - ART SEX MUSIC - Italian Edition - Publication date TBC
  • Cosey Fanni Tutti autobiography - ART SEX MUSIC - Spanish Edition - Publication date TBC
  • SEINE - Cosey interview - Publication date TBC
  • LUSH - Cosey interview - Publication date TBC
  • ELECTRONIC SOUND - Cosey interview - Publication date TBC
  • ALL MEN BECOME SISTERS - Essay by Siona Wilson on Cosey’s work. Published by Museum Sztuki in association with Sternberg Press UK. | LINK |
  • February - BLEEP - TUTTI Review | LINK |
  • February - NME - TUTTI Review | LINK |
  • February - DANGEROUS MINDS - Cosey Interview.
  • February - UNCUT magazine - Cosey piece ‘My Life in Music’.
  • February 8th - TUTTI - New solo album released on Vinyl, CD, Digital and Streaming.
  • February - ELECTRONIC SOUND magazine. Two page review of TUTTI
  • January - THE WIRE magazine. Review of Cosey’s 3 short films at the ICA London Short Film Festival Jan 2019.
  • January - LOUDER THAN WAR review of TUTTI album.
  • January - THE WIRE magazine. Review of TUTTI album.
  • January - Cosey Fanni Tutti - TUTTI album - Two page review in Electronic Sound magazine.

  • December - Cosey Fanni Tutti autobiography ART SEX MUSIC - AUDIO BOOK EDITION (English)
  • YOUNG SPACE Interview Dec 2018
  • October - Cosey Fanni Tutti autobiography ART SEX MUSIC - JAPANESE EDITION
  • June ART BASEL The Newspaper. Article by AA Bronson.
  • OCTOPUS NOTES publication including Cosey F Tutti, J.G. Ballard, Nicholas Ballet, Alexandra Bircken, Jimmy DeSana, James Horton
  • LIBERATION newspaper. Interview with Olivier Lamm
  • MOUVEMENT magazine. In depth feature.
  • AnOther magazine. Article & interview on A STUDY IN SCARLET exhibition, Paris
  • LE JOURNAL DES ARTS Article & interview on A STUDY IN SCARLET exhibition, Paris
  • Artists in the City: SPACE in ’68 and beyond. Book on SPACE artists studios.
  • The Yorkshire Post April 2018 - Interview with Cosey
  • 07 March Women in Electronic Music, Cosey interview interview with Natalia Pinuel. RTV Spain.| LINK |
  • Feb/March - Cosey Fanni Tutti autobiography ART SEX MUSIC (Faber & Faber) - PAPERBACK EDITION


  • 08 Aug 10am: Cosey Fanni Tutti autobiography announcement by Faber & Faber.
  • CONSEQUENCES OF LOVE (Chris & Cosey Remix) for DEATH IN VEGAS (feat. Sasha Grey). LISTEN HERE
  • LOLLYPOP (Carter Tutti Remix) for S'EXPRESS. LISTEN HERE
  • UNLEASH (Carter Tutti Remix) for GAZELLE TWIN. LISTEN HERE

  • ART LABOUR, SEX POLITICS: FEMINIST EFFECTS in 1970’s British Art & Performance by Sonia Wilson. Includes Cosey. Univ Minnesoat Press
  • f (x) album by Carter Tutti Void - - Vinyl CD, Digital.
  • ‘Carter Tutti Plays Chris & Cosey’ - studio album - double vinyl and CD.

  • Chris & Cosey track 'Mary' used for Christian Dior Homme fashion catwalk show
  • ‘Summer 2015’ (HD, 7 min) - Paris, France.
  • ‘Sex Media and Technology’ by Dr Feona Attwood. Middlesex University, UK
  • ‘Description Of Problem’ - CD album by Pinkcourtesytelephone. Features contribution by Cosey Fanni Tutti.
  • M - PRS for Music magazine interview with Cosey Fanni Tutti by Anita Axbi.
  • ‘BENGLIS 73/74’ Catalogue for exhibition at Neon Parc / Sutton Gallery, Australia.
  • CARTER & TUTTI REMIX CHRIS & COSEY - Limited Edition USA Tour CD.
  • OH MEN (Carter Tutti Remix) for TIM BURGESS.
  • REASON (Carter Tutti Remix) for ERASURE.
  • IN WHITE RELIEF (Carter Tutti Remix) for the ARCHIE BRONSON OUTFIT.
  • WERE YOU THERE 'Feat: Neil Tennant' (Carter Tutti Remix) for DIAMOND VERSION.
  • ‘SEXUALITY: (Documents of contemporary Art series)’ edited by Amelia Jones. Whitechapel Gallery publications, London. Includes Cosey Fanni Tutti, statements from interview,
  • Work in Progress magazine (7 Dec 1993).
  • ‘The Graphic Art of the Underground: A Countercultural History’ by Ian Lowey and Suzy Prince. Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

  • COOLICON Carter Tutti 10" black vinyl single. Released by CTI.
  • COOLICON Carter Tutti limited edition 10" green vinyl single. Released by CTI.
  • The JOHN CAGE REMIX PROJECT features a Carter Tutti Remix. Mode Records USA.
  • ‘For The Record:15 Conversations with people who shaped the way we listen to music’. Red Bull Music Academy publication. Features Cosey Fanni Tutti.

  • ‘COSEY COMPLEX’ Edited by Maria Fusco & Richard Birkett, Published by Koenig Books.
  • ‘My Art is My Life. My Life is My Art’ Limited limited edition commissioned T shirt ‘rewind’ - The Wire magazine.
  • ‘Art and Eroticism’ by Giulia Lamoni. Instituto de Historia de Arte Universidade Nova -FCSH. Portugal. Includes 'Meet Geraldine' and Prostitution poster.
  • TRANSVERSE - Carter Tutti Void live collaboration album. Release by Mute Records on CD and vinyl.
  • 'Gendered: Art and Feminism Theory' by Dr. Tal Dekel. Published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Mister Motley magazine. Features Cosey images for an article on 60s - 70s philosophical essay by Dutch film journalist and philosopher Paul Kempers.
  • ‘Desertshore - The Final Report’ double album by X-TG. memorial release for Peter Sleazy Christopherson.

  • Cosey featured in ‘Encyclopaedia and Etymology (background) of the Rock- and Pop-Bandnames' by Manfred Schmidt
  • Cosey featured in ‘Metal Machine Music: Technology, Noise, and Modernism in Industrial Music 1975-1996.’  by Dr. Jason for State University of New York at Stony Brook
  • Carter Tutti remix of S.C.U.M. track Whitechapel. 12" single. Mute Records.
  • Carter Tutti remix of Muslim Gauze track on limited edition album ‘From The Edge'.
  • Rainy Days & Remixes - The Opiates/Billie Ray Martin EP. Features Chris & Cosey remix. Released by Disco Activisto
  • Cosey featured in MOMA book by Gretchen Wagner.
  • ARKIVES Plastikman/Richie Hawtin box-set features remix by Chris & Cosey. Released by Minus.
  • EXOTIKA Chris & Cosey 1987 album remastered for vinyl and rereleased by CTI
  • SONGS OF LOVE & LUST Chris & Cosey 1984 album remastered for vinyl and rereleased by CTI
  • TRANCE Chris & Cosey 1982 album remastered for vinyl and rereleased by CTI
  • HEARTBEAT Chris & Cosey 1981 album remastered for vinyl and rereleased by CTI
  • ‘Defining Contemporary Art: 25 years in 200 Pivotal Artworks’ by Daniel Birnbaum, Connie Butler, Suzanne Cotter, Bice Curiger, Okwui Enwezor, Massimiliano Giono, Bob Nickas, Hans Ulrich Obrist. Published by Phaidon

  • VICE magazine. “one of many possible art issues” Interview.
  • 'Jeff Koons Made in Heaven Paintings' published 2010 by Luxembourg & Dayan Gallery, New York, USA Includes an essay from curator and critic Alison Gingeras which features Cosey Fanni Tutti's work.
  • 'Women of the Underground: Music' A book of interviews by Zora von Burden including Cosey Fanni Tutti, Moe Tucker, Laurie Anderson, Lydia Lunch, Ana Da Silva etc etc. Published 2010 by Manic D Press, San Francisco, USA
  • Carter Tutti remix of Liars ‘Too Much Too Much’ from Sisterworld album.
  • Cosey Fanni Tutti and Philippe Petit 7" Picture Disc. A collaboration featuring tracks 'Mist While Sleeping' and 'Invisible Whispers’.
  • ‘NOVO’ magazine #10, France. ‘Image of The Month’ features double page spread of Cosey Fanni Tutti’s ‘The Kiss’.
  • 'Individuals:Women Artists in the Collection of the Museum of Modern Art'. Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA
  • 'Creamier' (the 5th in the series). Published Spring 2010. Phaidon Press. Features images of Cosey's magazine work which are referenced within a transcribed roundtable discussion amongst 10 international curators.
  • 'Vernissage' - Spring 2010 issue of, the National Gallery of Canada’s quarterly magazine. Features the exhibition Pop Life: Art in a Material World. 

  • 'Stanley Picker Gallery Public Lectures on Art. 1: Cosey Fanni Tutti in conversation with Andrew Wheatley' Published 2009
  • 'Post Porn Politics' Published 2009
  • 'Feminist Art in the 70s' University press publication.
  • TOO MUCH TOO MUCH (Chris & Cosey Remix) for LIARS, SISTERWORLD album.
  • The Women and Gender Studies Program, Tel-Aviv University, Israel.
  • ‘Pop Life:Art in a Material World’ catalogue, Tate Modern, London, UK
  • ‘See This Sound. Promises in Sound and Vision’ catalogue. Art Museum, Linz, Austria
  • Chris & Cosey track 'Impulse' included on compilation 'New Wave To New Beat'. Future Noise Music.
  • Chris & Cosey track 'Exotika (Remix)' included on compilation Disconnect'!K7 Records
  • The Wire (March issue) cover CD features Strings of Consciousness ‘Mist While Sleeping’ collaborative lyrics and vocals by Cosey
  • PRADA web site main fashion show movie for their Autumn collection: the music includes 'Closer' and 'Inside' by COH Plays COSEY, for six months (July to Dec 09)
  • ‘Frieze Projects, Frieze Talks and Frieze Film 2006 - 2008’ - edited transcript of the 2008 Frieze talk on ‘Is the Underground Over?’ October.
  • Artforum Dec 2009 - TG NY gigs listed as Matthew Higgs 'Top 10/Best of 2010'
  • 'Performance Nude' by Fiona Banner. Conversation with Fiona Banner, Stewart Home, and Cosey Fanni Tutti. Published by Other Criteria
  • 'The Third Mind Movement' album released by Throbbing Gristle
  • 'Enter The Void' film by Gaspar Noe features Carter Tutti remix of 'Hamburger Lady' and TG original 'Hamburger Lady'.
  • GRISTLEISM. Hardware sound generating unit by Throbbing Gristle in association with Christiaan Virant.
  • CARTER TUTTI remix of ‘Shots Ring’ for EXCEPTOR. 12" release, U.S.A
  • Chris & Cosey track 'October Love Song' - featured on the compilation 'The Man and the Machine 2' Le Son du Marquis
  • Chris & Cosey track ‘Heartbeat’ featured on the compilation 'Post Punk to New Beat Vol.1', Future Noise Music Limited

  • Exceptor Remix by Cosey Fanni Tutti & Chris Carter - 2008 on RVNG  label USA.
  • ‘Flash Art’ magazine Vol. XL1 No.259  March - April 2008. Cosey interview with Gea Politi.
  • BLUE magazine, Italy. November 2008. Interview with Cosey.
  • 'Art and Sex' by Gray Watson. Published 2008
  • Strings of Consciousness ‘Finzione’ track features collaborative lyrics and vocals by Cosey. 
  • Chris & Cosey track 'Walking Through Heaven' included on compilation by Mule Musiq Japan
  • Let There Be Life - Ovarian Cancer benefit compilation CD features the Cosey Fanni Tutti track 'Moon Phase'. USA.
  • Pantaleimon ‘High Star’ track features remix by Carter Tutti.
  • Derek Jarman DVD with Tilda Swinton - features TG track ‘Psychic Rally in Heaven’.
  • ‘Force of Nature’ compilation album: features ‘Walking Through Heaven‘ by Chris & Cosey: Mule Musiq, Japan.
  • HIGH STAR (Carter Tutti Remix) for PANTALEIMON.
  • ‘Sweet Surprise’ by Chris & Cosey featured on ‘Sleepwalk’ compilation. Domino Records, London, UK.
  • ‘32nd Annual Report’ by TG framed work released on Industrial Records, UK
  • ‘RECOVERY’ 7” singles box-set: features Carter Tutti cover version of ‘Lucifer Sam’ on Fractured recordings.
  • John Whitney ‘Peace’ compilation CD features ‘Woven Clouds’ by Carter Tutti. Released on Brainwashed.
  • COH PLAYS COSEY - CD album released on Raster-Noton label Worldwide.
  • 'Wack!: Art and the Feminist Revolution' catalogue, PS 1 New York, USA
  • HAPPY HYPOCRITE Issue One 'Linguistic Hardcore'. A biannual journal focussed on writing as art. Features an interview with Cosey by Maria Fusco.

  • Carter Tutti recorded 'Camera Lucider' soundtrack for installation.
  • Carter Tutti recorded and released new work 'Feral Vapours'
  • Carter Tutti recorded remix for John Cage project
  • Box Set of THROBBING GRISTLE live performances released (December)
  • Recorded new work 'COH PLAYS COSEY' with Ivan Pavlov for Raster-Noton, GERMANY
  • Carter Tutti recorded cover version of 'Lucifer Sam’ for 7” box set project
  • 'The Secret Public: the last days of the British Underground 1978-1988' features TG
  • ART REVIEW magazine No.13 interview '(Not Under the Influence) Cosey Fanni Tutti on Independence'.
  • Wack!: Art and the Feminist Revolution' catalogue, National Museum of Women In The arts, Washington DC, USA
  • ‘Panic Attack' catalogue, Barbican, London UK
  • 'Gender Battle' catalogue, Contemporary Art Centre of Galicia, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
  • ‘It's time for Action (there's no option)' catalogue, Migros Museum, Zurich
  • 'Sympathy for the Devil' catalogue, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, USA
  • The Wire, review of Carter Tutti album
  • ELEGY article and review on Carter Tutti
  • NEOAZTLAN interview by Kate Green & Steve Peralta
  • UOVO magazine sound postcards features extracts from TG concert at TATE Modern
  • Cosey Fanni Tutti included in Carolina Velasco's book on creative composing experience vs live public exp.
  • ‘Inside’ No.13 winter 2007 - features Throbbing Gristle piece by Cesco Cornali
  • FERAL VAPOURS OF THE SILVER ETHER - Second studio album by Carter Tutti. Released by CTI

  • Freize Issue 97, (March) Cosey Fanni Tutti ‘Questionaire’.
  • 'TATE Triennial 2006: New British Art',TATE BRITAIN, London, UK.
  • Freize Issue 98 (April) ‘Industrial relations’. TG interview in Berlin.
  • ‘A Classic of British Art? Welcome back Cosey Fanni Tutti’, Evening Standard 28 Feb, UK.
  • ‘I’m back, decades after the scandals’, Hull Daily Mail 7 March, UK.
  • ‘Trace: installation artspace 00-05’, Andre Stitt, Seren Books, UK.
  • ‘John Duncan’s works: 1975 to 2005’, Errant Press: Critical Ear series Vol. 3.
  • THE POP MANIFESTO Issue Two. Interview with Cosey.
  • ‘ROUGH TRADE’ by Rob Young, Black Dog Publishing London, UK.
  • COLLECTED WORKS 1981-2000 Compilation album by Chris & Cosey. Released by CTI.
  • LIVE AT L.E.M, BARCELONA Live album by Carter Tutti. Download version: re-released by CTI.

  • ‘GO BETWEEN’, Bregenzer Kunstverein Magazin 4, Germany. Contribution by Cosey.
  • ART REVIEW Vol.LV1 May issue. ‘When does sound become Art?’ contribution by Cosey.
  • ‘1001 ALBUMS you must hear before you die’, Robert Dimery, Cassell Illustrated, UK
  • 'No Such Thing as a Free Ride? A Collection of Hitchers' Tales', Tom Sykes & Simon Sykes, Contribution by Cosey.

  • HAMBURGER LADY (Carter Tutti Remix) for THROBBING GRISTLE 'Mutant TG' album.
  • 'The Future Has a Silver Lining-Genealogies of Glamour', Migros Museum, Zurich, Switzerland.
  • ‘Freize Art Fair Yearbook 2004-5’: Profiled CABINET artist. Freize Art Fair, London, UK.
  • 'Freize Art Magazine Nov/Dec', ‘Life Forms’ review.
  • ‘International Compendium - Prix Ars Electronica 2004’, Hatje Cantz. Contribution by Cosey.
  • CABAL Debut album by Carter Tutti. Released by CTI 2004
  • LEM FESTIVAL OCTOBER 2003 Live album by Carter Tutti. Released by Gliptoteka Magdalae
  • ELECTRONIC AMBIENT REMIXES 4 Solo CD by Cosey Fanni Tutti. Released by CTI.
  • CORE 1988 compilation CD album remastered and rereleased by CTI.
  • MUSIK FANTASTIQUE! Chris & Cosey 1993 CD album remastered and rereleased by CTI.

  • 'BREAKING DOWN THE BARRIERS: ART IN THE 1970s' by Richard Cork, Yale University Press
  • ‘CONFESSIONS’, Cosey Fanni Tutti. Limited Edition book pub. by Cabinet, London, UK.
  • C&C LUCHTBAL Live CD by Chris & Cosey, released by CTI

  • 'BRITISH ART IN THE LATE TWENTIETH CENTURY' by Dr. Neil Mulholland, Ashgate, London, UK.
  • Elektroakustische Musik’, features TG. Elena Ungeheuer, Laaber, Germany.

  • THE WIRE Issue 204 (Feb 2001) review of Cosey's two CD albums.
  • ‘TIME TO TELL’ (reissue) and Electronic Ambient Remixes Two.
  • ‘PUNK. A Life Apart’, Stephen Colegrave & Chris Sullivan, Cassell & Co, UK

  • ‘THE ARTIST'S BODY’ ed. by Tracy Warr. Phaidon Press, London, UK.
  • 'LIVE IN YOUR HEAD', catalogue, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London. UK.
  • 'PROTEST & SURVIVE', Whitechapel Art Gallery, London. UK.
  • ELECTRONIC AMBIENT REMIXES 2 Solo CD by Cosey Fanni Tutti, released by CTI

  • Chris & Cosey ’UNION’ live album released by CTI, UK
  • ‘Wreckers of Civilisation’, the story of Coum Transmissions and Throbbing Gristle by Simon Ford, BlackDog, London.
  • EXOTIKA / TAKE FIVE Chris & Cosey remastered double CD rerelease. Album released by CTI

  • ‘Performance - Live Art Since the 60s’ - RoseLee Goldberg, Thames and Hudson, London, UK.
  • OPIATE TEA (Chris & Cosey Remix) for VAPOURSPACE.
  • ‘Performance - Live Art Since 1960’, RoseLee Goldberg, Harry N. Abrahams, NY, USA.
  • 'OUT OF ACTIONS: Between Performance and the Object 1949 - 1979', Paul Schimmel, Thames & Hudson, London.
  • ‘Subject and (Sex) Object’ Simon Ford, MAKE Magazine.

  • 30 KM DE RADIO (Chris & Cosey Remix) for ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO.

  • Artists Book Yearbook 1996-97. Magpie Press.
  • SKIMBLE SKAMBLE Chris & Cosey CD released by CTI
  • Art Monthly. June. Retrospective article on the Prostitution Exhibition.
  • The Wire magazine #152. October. ‘Industrial Revolutionaries’. Retrospective article on Coum, the Prostitution exhibition and TG.
  • COLLECTIV 4 CD released by CTI re-released by CTI..
  • COLLECTIV 3 CD released by CTI re-released by CTI.
  • COLLECTIV 2 CTI compilation CD re-released by CTI.
  • COLLECTIV 1 CTI compilation CD re-released by CTI.

  • TWIST CD / Double LP of 'remixed' Chris & Cosey tracks. Released by T&B Vinyl.

  • ‘Susperium Book 1’, David Bradley, Susperium Publications, USA.
  • ‘Cashiers de Nuit - Revue d’erotismes No.2’, Serge Feray, France.
  • Chris & Cosey remix for Erasure of RUN TO THE SUN from the album Abbaesque.

  • Cosey Fanni Tutti - ’Time To Tell' CD boxed limited edition released.
  • Throbbing Gristle - Live Volumes 1 to 4 released on Mute Records.
  • Chris & Cosey released 'Metaphysical' album.
  • Chris & Cosey released 'Musik Fantastique!'.

  • Cosey Fanni Tutti - interview with Dave Flint for Divinity magazine.
  • Chris & Cosey recorded and released 'Passion' 7" single, with etching by Cosey. Released by World Serpent.
  • Chris & Cosey remix for Erasure of 'SOS' for 'Abbaesque' album.
  • Chris & Cosey recorded 'Metaphysical' album.
  • Chris & Cosey recorded 'Musik Fantastique!' album.

  • SYNAESTHESIA - Chris & Cosey 12'' single /CD/CASS released by Wax Trax & Play It Again Sam.

  • SPIRAL SCRATCH No.13 (Feb). TG article.
  • Heartbeat - Chris & Cosey CD/LP released by Wax Trax Records, Play It Again Sam Records.
  • CHRIS & COSEY: Interview with Marlene Sonn for Alternative Press. USA. (Aug 21)
  • CHRIS & COSEY : Interview with Bill Locey for L.A. Times USA. (July 16)
  • Chris & Cosey recorded commissioned album: 'ALLOTROPY’.
  • Trance - Chris & Cosey CD/LP released by Wax Trax Records, Play It Again Sam Records.
  • Chris & Cosey produced and released live album 'Action' - Rough Trade
  • PAGAN TANGO - Chris & Cosey CD/LP released by Wax Trax Records, Play It Again Sam Records.
  • Songs of Love & Lust - Chris & Cosey CD/LP released by Wax Trax Records, Play It Again Sam Records.
  • REFLECTION - Chris & Cosey Compilation album on CD/LP/CASS released by Wax Trax/PIAS
  • ACTION - Chris & Cosey LIve album CD and LP released by Play It Again Sam Records 1990
  • ALLOTROPY - Chris & Cosey CD album released by Staalplaat and SPV.

  • RISE - Chris & Cosey 12'' single released by Nettwerk Productions and Play It Again Sam Records
  • TRUST - Chris & Cosey CD/LP released by Nettwerk Productions and Play It Again Sam Records

  • ‘Performance: Live Art 1909 to the Present’. Rose Lee Goldberg.Thames and Hudson, London.
  • ‘Performance Art from Futurism to the Present’, RoseLee Goldberg,Thames and Hudson,London,UK.
  • Chris & Cosey recorded and released SONGS OF LOVE & LUST’album - Rough Trade.
  • CORE Collaboration CD/LP released by Nettwerk Productions and Play It Again Sam Records

  • ‘Auto Erotic’ limited edition of 69, USA. Features photos of subcultural action by Cosey and Chris.
  • EXOTIKA Chris & Cosey Album on CD and LP released by Nettwerk Productions and Play It Again Sam Records
  • EXOTIKA Chris & Cosey 12’ Single on vinyl - released by Nettwerk Productions and Play It Again Sam Records
  • ‘Fourth Annual report’ Coup De Grace Publications (Dec), USA.
  • Chris & Cosey recorded and released 'OBSESSION’ 12” - P.I.A.S/ Wax Trax.
  • EXOTIKA / TAKE FIVE Single CD version of two Chris & Cosey albums. Released by Nettwerk Productions.

  • TAKE FIVE - Chris & Cosey EP on CD/Vinyl - Released by Nettwerk Productions.

  • TECHNO PRIMITIV - Chris & Cosey LP released by Rough Trade.
  • CTI TWO / THY GIFT OF TOUNGUES - 12'' Collaboration single released by CTI.

  • ‘Violent Silence-celebrating Georges Bataille’, Paul Buck,The Georges Bataille Event,UK.
  • CTI ONE / HAMMER HOUSE - 12'' Collaboration single released by CTI.
  • SWEET SURPRISE - 12” single. Chris & Cosey & Eurythmics collaboration. Released on Rough Trade Records.
  • ELEMENTAL 7 - Chris & Cosey & John Lacey collaboration. LP released by DoubleVision.
  • SONGS OF LOVE & LUST - Chris & Cosey LP released by Rough Trade.

  • TIME TO TELL - Solo album by Cosey Fanni Tutti : Special edition of Flowmotion fanzine/cassette. Released by Flowmotion.
  • ‘Industrial Culture Handbook’, Re Search, USA.
  • NICKI - 7” Vinyl - Chris & Cosey and John Duncan collaboration single. Released on Kokka, Japan.
  • Chris & Cosey recorded and released 'TAKE FIVE’ LP - Nettwerk Productions.
  • EUROPEAN RENDEZVOUS - Chris & Cosey LP and VHS video released by DoubleVision.

  • TRANCE - Second Chris & Cosey LP released by Rough Trade Records.

  • HEARTBEAT - First Chris & Cosey LP released by Rough Trade Records.
  • OCTOBER (LOVE SONG) - First Chris & Cosey 12''and 7'' singles released by Rough Trade Records.
  • Vanguard Vol.10 No.2. March 1981. Collaboration - A British View.
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  • ‘CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS’ for St. James Press published through MACMILLANS.
  • Curtains: le prochain step 14-17. Cease to Exist No. 5. Action description and photographs.

  • Countless press reviews of ‘Prostitution’ I.C.A exhibition including: ‘Sex Show Report for D.P.P.’, Evening Standard, London.
  • FLASH ART, February. Coum Transmissions statement (refs. Milan hence dating), GP-O and CFT letters dated October 1975.
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  • Ava Exchange. Observations on Cease to Exist: Parts 4 & 5. December.
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  • Performance Extra.

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