Frantically busy...
I've had a frantically busy year so far which has left no time to actually tell anyone about what has been going on. Hopefully people have been catching up via the Chris & Cosey site and Chris' bits of news. We have just finished two collaborative tracks with Mortal Loom and have two more collaborations scheduled for this year. After these we will be concentrating on recording two new albums and EAR4. In between we'll be working on the TG/Industrial Records relaunch - a not unsubstantial project in itself. I have been working on a re-presentation of one of my (many) 1970's sex magazines and have yet to decide on the final format this will take. It is very near completion. In May I begin my 'Selflessness' live art series with the first action taking place in Los Angeles. When all the actions have been completed and taken 'form' they will be presented for public viewing.

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