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The beginnings of Cosey's heart condition...

Part 1

Cosey's first heart operation, took place on the May19th 1999 at Papworth Hospital, UK.
To summarise...After nearly three hours on the operating table the underlying problem with Cosey's heart is remains unresolved. Cosey had three Angiagrams and many drugs pumped through her to try and trigger her heart into a sustained Tachycardia so as to trace the source of her continuing heart problem (not a pleasant procedure). Unfortunately her heart (which is normal and healthy) kept compensating too quickly for the surgeons to trace the source of the rogue triggering and correct it using an ablation procedure. The surgeons suspect that the reason for this 'compensating' effect could be due to traces of her medication still being in her system and her doctor (in hindsight) should have taken her off her drug sooner than the 4-5 days they requested. A good thing to come out of this is that they can now say for sure that her heart and arteries are healthy and normal, the 'electrical' problem lies elsewhere near the heart. They noted that there appears to be some slight spontaneous improvement in the Tachycardia rhythm and because she feels so much more like her previous 'self' she needn't start taking her heart medication again unless she gets a severe attack. Also they don't feel that the condition is as life threatening, although she could be prone to faint if she had a severe attack. She's also VERY sore from the incisions and is taking it easy till the C&C gig, which the cardiologist said was fine to go ahead with. So some good news but something of an anticlimax and Cosey is feeling more positive about her condition each day.
Thank you ALL so much for your support and thoughts.
Chris Carter 20th May 1999 (this text originally appeared in CTI Newsletter 11 - 1999)

Part 2
At this point although Cosey is feeling a lot better the attempt to 'cure' her underlying heart condition at Papworth remains unresolved. Encouragingly though, Cosey's heart specialist has suspended the drug treatment she had been on for the last four years. This has improved her 'well being' to a great extent and she is now 'rehabilitating' her body to 'normal' activities and a return to a level of physical fitness she enjoyed previously. However, as the specialist is uncertain as to whether the condition will return as spontaneously as it appeared, he has advised avoidance of stressful situations and over exertion, gigs are off the agenda for now. This does not rule out the odd 'lecture' etc. which call for less overall stress and are more logistically controllable. The Union Chapel gig resulted in a very long recuperation period.
We can't thank you ALL enough for your support and thoughts throughout.
Chris Carter 12th Dec 1999 (this text originally appeared in CTI Newsletter 12 - 1999)

Part 3
In recent weeks Cosey has suffered a set back, with bouts of arrhythmia bought on by exertion.
Since undergoing an ECG test at Papworth hospital Cosey's heart specialist has diagnosed an ectopic heart beat, a seperate condition to her existing tachycardia. An ectopic arrhythmia has extra beats that disrupt the normal heart pattern, it is not life threatening but can be distressing. Cosey has now been put on low dose 'blocker' medication to supress the additional beats. This seems to be working.
Chris Carter March 2000

Part 4

After a consultation at Papworth Hospital with Cosey's Cardiologist it was decided that she should undergo further heart surgery in due course (possibly in 1-2 years). Earlier this year she underwent an MRI scan of her heart to locate and determine the exact cause of her heart problem and ascertain the condition of her heart as a whole.
In the meantime she is feeling better than ever before.
Chris Carter July 2002