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‘Time To Tell' was originally presented in 1982 as a cassette release with accompanying A4 booklet. Demand exceeded the availability and distribution was very limited. The 1992 limited edition re-release was updated to include a comprehensive full colour 40-page booklet with revised text, a set of postcards and an additional previously unreleased 16 minute performance soundtrack on CD.

All the music on the CD was composed to work in unison with the performance art work of Cosey Fanni Tutti. The booklet also featured a transcript of a debate and lecture by Cosey at Leeds Polytechnic in May 1982. The subject under discussion was Cosey's work as Performance Artist, Striptease Artist, Model, Musician and the integration of all theses into her life. Also included were photos, statements and list of performances/ exhibitions. Cosey merged art and life as a form of self expression and experience.

An addition to the limited edition of 1000 a separate 'deluxe edition' of 100 was also produced. Each was packaged in a signed and numbered handmade box and contained an original encaustic painting by Cosey. All music and sounds were composed and produced by Cosey Fanni Tutti.

In 2017 ‘Time To Tell' was released for the first time on vinyl - as a limited gatefold edition, in clear vinyl with a 12” full colour booklet.